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About Us

The objectives of this association are to engage in civic, charitable, and educational activities for the betterment of the property owners on the Island of Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina; to sponsor positive community action projects and cooperate with existing organizations for the public health, safety, and beautification of Ocean Isle Beach; and to provide a vehicle to articulate constructive concerns of the property owners.


The Ocean Isle Property Owners Association (OIPOA) was established in 1983 as a non-profit volunteer organization for the island of Ocean Isle Beach. Click on the link ‘Through the Years:1983-Present’ to learn more about the OIPOA’s community spirit at work. A spirit which has created lasting memories for our property owners, residents, and visitors alike.


Membership is open to All Island property owners. We encourage you to join the OIPOA’s community spirit at work and renew your membership annually. Your membership will include Membership Discount Cards for many local businesses and golf courses.

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