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4th of July Parade!


Please note that we have changed the 4th of July Parade Route and line up areas.

Golf Carts

Will only enter at West 3rd Street at Clinton St (see map below)

Floats, Cars, Trailers, etc

Please enter via West 2nd Street at Causeway Drive(see map below)

Walkers and Bikes

Please line up on Clinton St (see map below)

Line up will start at 9:15am, volunteers will be out to assist in line-up

At 9:20am Judges will begin to judge the following categories: Walkers, Bikes, Golf Carts and Floats

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place will be announced for each at 9:50am

Parade will start at 10am!

Going down East 1st Street ending at Southport Street

Important Reminders to all Participants!!

No Political Statements are allowed

No Throwing of candy or other items, Only Hand Directly out! (this is for the safety of spectators)

Volunteers and Judges will be on hand to answer any questions.

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